Is your businesses website at risk of suffering a drop in traffic?

Up to half of all businesses are likely to have seen a big drop in website traffic, after Google started labelling their websites as “not secure”.

The internet giant made a major change to its Chrome browser on July 24th,  and without getting techy, if your website isn’t encrypted, Chrome now warns visitors to be careful.

This latest update may result in less people visiting your website, wrongly thinking it will infect their computer with something.

The problem is, Chrome is the number one browser used in the UK. That’s a lot of traffic to risk.

You can tell if a website is encrypted by the letters that appear before www, in the bar at the top, when you’re looking at a site.

Example of HTTPS & Non-HTTPS website in Google Chrome.

If it says https:// then the site IS encrypted.

But if there’s no s – it’s just http:// – then the site is NOT encrypted, and will trigger the Chrome warning.

This is part of a major campaign by Google that’s been underway for a number of years. It wants all websites to be encrypted, to protect data transferred between sites and our computers.

The good news is that fixing this can be done easy and cheaply. It’s one of those things that businesses can get done for them, and then forget about.

Get in touch today… we look over 200 websites for businesses across the UK and can provide you with an affordable SSL certificate to secure your website.

We also provide a variety of other IT services such as IT Support and Cyber Security Solutions.

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